What really is paleo???

since few weeks my friends are bombing me with questions on my recipes... is it paleo? is it paleo friendly?

what is paleo friendly?

i mean, if there is a paleo standard.. what damned is paleo friendly? or you are paleo or you are not paleo.. how simple is this?

well... Nood by pure a temple  of healthy food "is paleo friendly" lol

15  years ago i was in Rome and one of my friends, told me he was managing a paleo bakery (15 YEARS AGO) baking bread using original and prehistoric cereals.. 15 years ago.

My question is.. you "paleohipsters" where have you been the latest 15 years??? and now suddenly you wake up and tell us that you are paleo friendly lol

you don't even know what paleo is.

actually because the term paleo is one of the most vague in the food universe, invented from marketing people right to cheat on you..innocent buyers. just like HOME MADE ORGANIC LIGHT NATURAL LOWFAT

however, after my anger relief and marketing point,  What is paleo and what is not??


there is not any certification for paleo, and the F&B industry is just dancing on it. 

is a cheese paleo?

the answer is  there are 2 kind of cheese, one is called raw and another is called cooked. well the cooking process should be like process right? so the answer is the cooked one are not paleo,.

The mozzarella is cooked!!! so is not paleo lol

"in label we trust"

ham and salami are made with sulfur, and salt, than are not paleo. 

yogurt is paleo.

what means paleo friendly???????? 

I hate the #gossipfoodsociety Someone came even out with the PALEOCAFFE

a coffee bean, is cleaned, cooked, grinded.... how can this be paleo????

Mhh we  


we do the marketing and you drink everything we give you.

that's the HYPE

so is not Paleo or not Paleo, it is hype or not hype!